'Have I given you my CONSENT?'

We need to encourage children to take control of their body and personal space from an early age.

Children may not always understand their rights and so it is important to teach them about consent. As adults we must not assume that all situations are comfortable for children.

         Kim May

     Author of children's educational books


        'Funny Feeling's Aren't Funny'











A story of a young Gingerbread character who shares their experiences in a variety of situations which could be perceived as being unsafe.

This book can be used as a tool to enable children to have conversations around their own feelings when they may be feeling nervous, anxious or unsafe

                'It's all Ok By Me'                  

We want our children to grow up in a world free from bias and discrimination.

To achieve this we need to raise our children to celebrate, respect and value ALL people regardless of our gender, our skin colour, our physical abilities or the languages we speak.

     Educational Resources

'Safe and Together Institute'


I will be adding additional links to other educational websites so please check regularly.

The SEAP program has been designed and developed to meet the learning requirements of the ‘Victorian and Australian Curricular General Capabilities’ Personal and Social Capability (Both), Intercultural Capability (Victorian Curriculum) and Intercultural Understanding (Australian Curriculum).

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