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'Have I given you my CONSENT?'

We need to encourage children to take control of their body and personal space from an early age.

Children may not always understand their rights and so it is important to teach them about consent. As adults we must not assume that all situations are comfortable for children.

         Kim May

     Author of children's educational books


        'Funny Feeling's Aren't Funny'











A story of a young Gingerbread character who shares their experiences in a variety of situations which could be perceived as being unsafe.

This book can be used as a tool to enable children to have conversations around their own feelings when they may be feeling nervous, anxious or unsafe

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                'It's all Ok By Me'                  

We want our children to grow up in a world free from bias and discrimination.

To achieve this we need to raise our children to celebrate, respect and value ALL people regardless of our gender, our skin colour, our physical abilities or the languages we speak.

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The SEAP program has been designed and developed to meet the learning requirements of the ‘Victorian and Australian Curricular General Capabilities’ Personal and Social Capability (Both), Intercultural Capability (Victorian Curriculum) and Intercultural Understanding (Australian Curriculum).

Book Review - Kim May

It is my absolute pleasure for me to add my reflections and thoughts to the growing number of positive feedback about author Kim May’s three books for children:  1. Funny Feelings Aren’t Funny 2. It’s all OK By Me 3. Have I given you my CONSENT?     I have known, and did work with Kim for many years, and watched the development of her work with respect and admiration.

Many years ago when I graduated University as a mature age person, I entered the workforce in Child Protection.  Our work was with the whole family and we had basic tools and some knowledge for engaging, assessment etc. with adults.  But something was missing for me, it was: “ how do we talk to the children honestly so they understand more what is happening?”  

I spent the next 30 plus years researching, advocating, resourcing, building on skills, education/courses, and developing creative ways to engage, listen and communicate with children.  In essence to hear ‘The Voice of the Child’.


One of my favourite tools was therapeutic books and storytelling (bibliotherapy).  Books with themes in a story that children could relate to.  For example eliciting responses and providing children the opportunity to relate, for example:  “that little boy/girl is just like me”.  Also books are aimed at a developmental level that starts to help children to understand difficult concepts like:  feelings; differences in us all; consent;  and personal safety.

Kim May’s books and resources demonstrate how developed the tools have become, and how they can be used by a wider audience, ie  parents, teachers, counsellors, carers, grand parents etc, in supporting children to be more aware and increased understanding of their own bodies, feelings and what is happening to them.  In particular I am excited how the dialog and illustrations evoke curiosity, questions and discussion points with young children and their adults. The language is clear and straight forward, with expressions recognizable.  The puppet is also part of the resources and is very endearing, and tactile.  Children I have spoken to love to use the puppet with the stories.  Using third object tools means that the child is more able to relate and tell their story, without having to always use only words.


It gives me great pleasure to encourage all adults who are involved with children to utilize creative works like these when discussing and exploring the above concepts with young children.


Kindest regards

Carol A. Brew  (Retired)                                       

Cert 1V in Trg and Assess                                   

Cert 1V in Using Creativity in Counselling           

Associate Dep in Welfare

Degree in Arts (Human Services)

Post Grad Cert in Child & Ado Psych

Post Grad Family Therapy