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I am an independent Author of children's educational books. I am a mother, a grandmother, a sister, an aunty, a friend, a neighbor and a work colleague.


I am also a survivor of family violence, abuse and trauma.  

I have spent more than 30 years working in social services with children, young adults and older adults in a variety of roles. I am also a Volunteer for the 'Office of Public Advocates' disability stream ensuring children and adults with a disability are protected from abuse and neglect.

I have extensive training on Autism Spectrum Disorder and many of the clients I have supported over the years have been non verbal.  I also have a family member who is on the spectrum.  Having my own lived experiences, and working with people on the spectrum, has given me exceptional insight to people with ASD and the resources that are required that will assist them to keep safe.

I have developed and facilitated Protective Education programs for young girls with additional needs in Special Development Schools, and I am currently developing an educational program that can be used in conjunction with my books that I am hoping to facilitate in Primary Schools in 2022.

I have presented my books at conferences around Australia which have resulted in my books being nominated for awards.

'Funny Feeling's Aren't Funny' has been added to the Department of Health and Human Services Child Protection training & resources, Queensland's Children, Youth and Family's resources, and also to New South Wales Communities and Justice Case Workers training and resources.

My books have been purchased from Independent Schools, Primary Schools, Early Learning Centre's, Foster Care Agencies, Family Services Agencies, The AFP, Kindergartens, Psychologists, Libraries, Parents, Grand Parents and many others.

As Parents, Family Members, Agencies', Schools, Health Professionals and Psychologists we have a responsibility to keep our children safe.

My books are stories of a young Gingerbread character on their journey through:- 

Feelings:  'Funny Feelings Aren't Funny'

Consent:  'Have I given you my Consent?'

Diversity:  'It's all Ok By Me'


By providing children with these resources you will be educating them to understand, and be more aware of their bodies reactions in situations where the may be feeling nervous, anxious, worried or unsafe and that by telling a trusted adult those 'funny feelings' will go away.


Children will learn that it is ok to say 'No' in situations where they feel uncomfortable.  We need to start this education with children at an early age.

Children will have feelings of self worth and acceptance of who they are regardless of their ethnicity, their gender, their physical abilities or the languages they speak.


My books have been written for children aged 3-8yrs, however, older children, particularly with ASD relate to them well due to the beautiful large bright colourful detailed illustrations and simple yet profound verse.

Please contact me at the email address below if you would like further information about myself or my books.   

Kindest regards

Kim May


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Kim May

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