I am an independent Author of children's educational books. I am a mother, a grandmother, a sister, an aunty, a friend, a neighbor and a work colleague.


I am also a survivor of family violence, abuse and trauma.  

I have spent more than 30 years working in social services with children, young adults and older adults in a variety of roles. I am also a Volunteer for the 'Office of Public Advocates' disability stream ensuring children and adults with a disability are protected from abuse and neglect.

I coordinated a Disability Day Service of over 100 clients and 50 staff for approximately 7 years. Whilst in this role I had extensive training on Autism Spectrum Disorder as many of the clients had ASD and were non verbal.  I also have a family member who is on the spectrum.  Having my own lived experiences, and working with people on the spectrum, has given me exceptional insight to people with ASD.

I have worked in Intake & Assessment roles which have required my attendance in court.  Some of the court appearances have resulted with children being removed from situations where they have been abused.

I have developed and facilitated Protective Education programs for young girls with additional needs in Special Development Schools, and I am currently developing an educational program that can be used in conjunction with my books that I am hoping to facilitate in Primary Schools in 2021.

I have presented my books at conferences around Australia which have resulted in my books being nominated for awards.

'Funny Feeling's Aren't Funny' has been added to the Department of Health and Human Services Child Protection training & resources, Queensland's Children, Youth and Family's resources, and also to New South Wales Communities and Justice Case Workers training and resources.

My books have been purchased from Independent Schools, Primary Schools, Early Learning Centre's, Foster Care Agencies, Foster Parents, Family Services Agencies, Kindergartens, Psychologists, Libraries, Parents, Grand Parents and many others.

As I continue to write and publish educational books, it is my hope that my books will be used as a tool to give children a voice, so that we can identify and  prevent any potential abuse before it has a lasting impact on a child's life.

There are no other books in the world that speak to children of this age group in this simple yet profound way.

            This is some of the extensive training I have received through my career :-


                - Understanding the Neurobiology of complex Trauma

                - Autism Spectrum Disorder - children & Adults

                - Recognizing & Respond to Anxiety Disorder in Children / Young People

                - Understanding and Supporting Attachment over the Lifespan

                - Philosophy of Parenting

                - Developing and Facilitating Protective Education Programs & Group Work

                - Introduction to Family Therapy

                - Family Centered Practice

                - Responding to Women experiencing Family Violence

                - CRAF Training (Domestic Violence training)

                - Response to Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse in Children

                - Working Effectively with CALD Clients, (cultural and linguistically diverse)

                - Working with Complex, Chronic Mental Health

                - Trauma and Self-Harm

                - Acute and Chronic Suicidality and Self Injury – How to manage & respond

                - Vicarious Traumatization

                - Disability & Mental Illness

                - Parental Drug Use & Abuse; Impact on their families

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Kim May