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Funny Feelings Aren't Funny

–When considering the Australian Curriculum, students are required to learn seven General Capabilities. (

–Two of those would be well-support by ‘Funny Feelings Aren’t Funny’ and ‘Its’ all OK By Me’.


–The Personal and Social Capability requires students to build upon self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social management. ( )

– For example, ‘recognising emotions’ and ‘reflecting on what they have learnt about themselves from a range of experiences at home and school’.

–‘Funny Feelings Aren’t Funny’ would be particularly useful for this capability as it encourages students to reflect on their emotional and physical reactions to different situations and could involve discussing how these experiences have affected them.



                                                                                              It's all Ok By Me

–The Intercultural Understanding Capability requires students to build upon recognising culture and developing respect, interacting and empathising with others and reflecting on intercultural experiences and developing understanding.

–. (

– For example, ‘explore and compare cultural knowledge beliefs and practices’ and ‘mediate cultural difference’.

–‘It’s all OK By Me’ would be pertinent for this capability as it is based upon diversity of cultures, abilities,

hobbies, religions and backgrounds and it encourages students not only to accept and feel proud of themselves, but to do the same of others.

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