‘Funny Feelings Aren’t Funny’ is an innovative, helpful resource for identifying younger children’s thoughts, emotions and experiences.


It has been thoughtfully written and illustrated, with enough detail and cues to help a child recognise and express their feelings about a range of sensitive and important situations.


It has become a useful tool in my practice, working with young people and parents who have found it incredibly helpful to open up conversations with their children.


Dr Zoe Taylor

Clinical Psychologist

B.Sc.  (hons)

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

Post Grad Diploma Paediatric Neuropsychology

MAPS (member of Australia Psychological Society).


“Funny Feelings Aren’t Funny” is a delightful book with wonderful illustrations

Easy for children to understand and identify with. A wonderful learning and

Nurturing tool. Well written with a sensitivity that is endearing to children.


My Son Fred suffers greatly with anxiety and finding it hard to express himself.

This book opened the door for discussion of various times we feel unsafe, unsure or insecure.

It’s given him a visual tool as to what to do when he feels this way rather than bottle it up.

As parents we can’t be there all the time to protect….so it reiterates the circle of support at school and in the community.


He loved the gingerbread theme very much. We both had ideas of what each statement meant

and each illustration. It’s amazing how perceptive kids can be.

Fred loves to read this book and it has helped him talk things out.

This book should be in schools for other children who suffer anxiety and other insecurity issues.


Thanks Fran (parent)

'Funny Feelings Aren't Funny',  each page opens up a scenario for child to interpret in their own way, and there are a variety on offer in the book which is great; lovely simple colourful graphics; good basic safety messages around feelings, thoughts and actions; best used as a read-along book.


We here at SECASA think the book is brilliant

South East Centre Against Sexual Abuse

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